There is something humbling about seeing your name attached to a worship song. There is something humbling about watching people sing a song that originated in your heart and developed over many hours of sweat and tears. Since the release of the album, I’ve been honored to see thousands of people sing these songs. It makes all the hard work worth it. Thank you Jesus.

This past weekend we stayed in town and led a DiscipleNow. Working with the incredible James Sanderson, we had incredible nights of worship. My personal favorite moments was watching students nail pieces of paper to a cross. It was beautiful as they sang out, “O Praise the One who paid my debt”. Praise God!!


Thanks to Myra and FUMC Boerne for an incredible weekend of mission and worship. Truly amazing!!


Okay, so some fun. Usually when we go and play places, we eat pizza. Almost everytime we are guaranteed a pizza or spaghetti. But thank you Sandra at FUMC Boerne. We were served this delicious barbeque with a unique white sauce that was TASTY.

See how much the band guys enjoyed it:



For those of you coming to Youth Worship Conference this weekend. We can’t wait. Get ready to worship God with 500 of your closest friends.

God is good.